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KATC AUTOTRANS PTE LTD (KATC) is a leading auto transmission specialist company. It has more than 20 years’ experience in the repair  and rebuilds of automatic transmissions with the best equipped workshop for automatic transmission repairs and rebuilds in Singapore. To combine with the highly skilled technicians, the company has established itself as a solution provider in the automatic transmissions.

KATC’s mission is to bring value to our customers and partners through delivery of quality automotive products, services and solutions. “Quality Solutions and Service Excellence” is our business philosophy.

Welcome to our KATC Specialist workshop!

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To be a trusted solution provider of choice in the automotive industry.



We bring value to our customers and partners through delivery of quality automotive products, services and solutions. We delight our customers with many unbelievable experiences.



KATC offers a complete service to automatic transmission problems, from a simple diagnostic check to rebuilding and remanufacturing an automatic transmission. Our specialists have the knowledge, experience and ability to get you back on the road in the shortest possible time. Our knowledge and expertise means other workshops also turn to us for solutions to solve the most difficult transmission related problems.




Our core services include the following :

check2 Diagnostic checks using computerised equipment and tools

check2 Rebuild, remanufacture, overhual and repair automatic transmissions

check2 Free checks and advices on automatic transmissions

check2 Diagnose and replace transmission components (torque converter, valve body, solenoid, sensors)

check2 Rebuild torque converter

check2 Automatic transmission maintenance services  (Automatic transmission fluid flushing)

check2 Supply of automatic transmissions and parts



To achieve our mission and vision, we will deliver the brand promises of trust, quality, partnership, passion and excellence;

(1) Trust: We will conduct our business in an honest, efficient and transparent manner.

(2) Quality: we will deliver the highest possible quality products and services .

(3) Partnership: We will build strong and strategic partnership with our customers, agents, workshops dealers. fleet operator, suppliers and employees.

(4) Passion: We will serve our customers with passion for excellence, innovation and training.

(5) Excellence: We strives to provide the best workmanship and services for our customers.












We occupy 7,000 sqft of floor area with 12 working hoist and an active supply of inventories parts to cater for daily operations. We carry the necessary diagnostic and service equipment for all service work. Spare units of essential modules are rebuilt at times to meet quick turnaround time.



At the automatic transmission workshop, our team of specialist technicians use the latest computerized equipment and tools to diagnose and solve all your automatic transmission problems. The team are lead by our founder, Raymond Khang. He was trained in USA, German and Japan. He constantly trains the members and both the leader and members are passionate for service excellence, innovation and training. Everyone in the organization is expected to live up the brand promises of trust, quality, partnership, passion and excellence.


Technical Director         : Raymond Khang

Workshop Operation    : Wong Kok Meng

Gearbox Rebuilt              : Jason Tan

Customer Service           : Ann

Account & Admin           : Loo Hui Cheng



1. Brand Promise

To show our commitment to our customers, everyone in KATC is expected to deliver the brand promises of Trust, Quality, Partnership, Passion and Excellence.

2. Warranty

Our repair jobs are entitled to 6-month warranty under the Lemon Law. For our rebuilt and re manufactured transmissions, the warranty extended to 12 months and 24 months respectively, against defects or failures, but are subjected to the warranty exclusions and limitations as stated in our job order.

3. “Star Merchant” Award

KATC has been awarded from 2015 to 2019 the “Star Merchant” award for the category of Auto Transmission Specialist by SgCarMart.

4. Automatic Transmission Specialists

KATC has a team of specialist technicians. They use the latest computerized equipment and tools to diagnose and solve all your automatic transmission problems.

5. Automatic Transmission Specialized Workshop

The repair activities are carry out in a factory setting, a fully equipped automatic transmission specialist workshop.