Thought it wold be good to share my experience with this workshop here. My 3 year old Peugeot was giving me problems with the transmission and the warranty has ended!
When I went back to Autofrance for the gearbox repair, they quoted me and exorbitant sum! On the recommendation of a friend, I went ot Khang, which quoted me only about half as much.
Most importantly, they cured my jerky gear change.


Khang website are really useful,From their website i learned a lots of do and dont’s. so i decide to get down and let them overhual my engine as well as my Suspension.
They look professional and indeed they are. ROcKz


Went 4 servicing before Christmas and was impressed by the good and fast service provided by them . They recommend me to change 3 parts (break pad, spark plug and battery). I was advised by them to come back for the engine restoration programme which removes dirt in engine.
What I can say that they are honest,efficient,reasonable pricing. Very good customer service! I think I will carry on future servicing with them.

Lim Heng Leong

I just did a gearbox overhaul with them for my Citroen C4. I am quite pleased with the result of the overhaul. It took about a week to return the car to me. I just returned from a drive to Melaka and back . All previous problems with the gearbox are gone. Gear change is smooth.
Good workmanship. I would also like to commend advisor from the quotation team who has been in constant liaising with me and being very patient with my enquiries . Kudos to him


Sold & Purchased a useed car from dealer and requested to take it to Khang for evaluation test. satisfied with the honest non-bias results directly from them and my dealer rectified all faults for me.
Did servicing and was prompt and reasonably pried @$100.Unlike other workshops i have been before,they did not ask me to change any parts unnecessarily. Thumbs up!