Bizsafe accreditation


 Bizsafe 3 001


KATC Autotrans Pte Ltd is accredited for Bizsafe3  in September 2015. Our company will keep up towards a safe workplace.

Star Merchant Award


15 July 2015

KATC AUTOTRANS PTE LTD is awarded the STAR MERCHANT AWARD in recognition of Companies for their Market Leadership and Service Excellence in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry.

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ATSG – KATC Partnership

atsg logo without background revised


14 Jul 2015

ATSG – USA a recognized and esteemed technical organization world-wide on Automatic Transmission System, will make an alliance partnership with KATC to give credibility and recognition as a training facility.

MOU was signed by both ATSG and KATC. Details on co-operation is in progress.